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Les news du 12 Juin 2020


Les news du 12 Juin 2020
» STONEBIRDS (Stoner / Post Hardcore, France) a dévoilé le tracklisting et un premier extrait de son nouvel album Collapse And Fail qui sortira le 24 juillet via Ripple Music. L'ensemble se découvre ci-dessous :

1. Only God
2. Stay Clean
3. Down
4. Turn Off The light
5. Fade Away
6. Collapse And Fail

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» FALCONER (Power Metal, Suède) c'est terminé ! Alors que le groupe va sortir son nouvel album From A Dying Ember le 26 juin chez Metal Blade, celui-ci vient d'annoncer sa séparation via le communiqué suivant :


As the new album "From a dying ember" is released on the 26:th of June FALCONER will cease to exist after 20 years.
The reason is nothing drastical or sudden but it has grown during the last years.
It is just time to move on after all this time to do something different, whatever that might be.

I (Stefan) felt before this album that although I love Falconer´s music I knew just too well how to make it and what my own expectations and boundaries are when it comes to writing songs for Falconer. It felt maybe a bit too safe and familiar.

We decided to make this final album as good as we possibly could and really concentrate on having all Falconer elements present and really make sure that each element got full devotion.
For example, the ballad should be as "ballady" as ever, and the folk song should sound as folky as possible etc.
The sole decision to make this the final album actually sparked a new found enthusiasm and engagement for me as a song writer, it was like the final sprint for a long distance runner.

The last thing we wanted was to release a "so-so" final album, but really make it good enough so we could end the band with our heads held high, thus we let it take it´s time.
If we succeeded we´ll leave to the fans to decide, but we as a band feel really proud of this achievement and hope that most fans will consider this to be a respectable “Adieu”.

So, what will happen for the members now? Well there is no real plans for that, we´ll just see what the future brings when it comes to music.................................

With this said we would like to thank all our fans and everyone that we have worked with or met during the years and wish you all the best in the future.

With the Falconer dead and his falcons soaring the sky
we bid you all a final farewell!

Stefan, Mathias, Karsten, Jimmy and Magnus
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» SOULROT (Death Metal, Chili) a dévoilé un nouvel extrait de son prochain album Victims of Spiritual Warfare à paraître le 27 juillet via Memento Mori. Tracklist :

1. La Doctrina de los Malnacidos
2. Nihilistic Automata
3. Buried Alive
4. I, Master
5. Perpetual Warfare
6. God Forsaken
7. Deceiving Tyranny Manifesto
8. Chainsaw Worship Hymn
9. Protect the Coven
10. Evolutive Slaves
11. All That Remains
12. Nameless Ritual
13. Hideous Manifestation
14. What Destroys You, Makes Us Stronger
15. Aquelarre

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» INSATANITY (Blackened Death Metal, USA) sortira son nouveau longue-durée Hymns Of The Gods Before le 19 juin chez CDN Records. Tracklist :

1. Seed Of Baal
2. Ashes Of The Apostle
3. Whose Hand Embalms
4. Demons Within Creation
5. Upon The Ivory Throne
6. Cross Of Deception
7. Eidolon Of The Blind
8. Trail Of Terror
9. When Satan Rules His World [Bonus Track]*
*Deicide cover

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» FACELESS BURIAL (Death Metal, Australie) sortira son nouveau long-format Speciation le 7 août sur Dark Descent Records et Me Saco Un Ojo Records. Tracklist :

1) Worship
2) Limbic Infirmary
3) Irreparably Corpsed
4) Speciation
5) Spuming Catarrhal Gruel
6) Ravished to the Unknown
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» STINKY (Hardcore, France) sort aujourd'hui son nouveau disque Of Lost Things que vous pouvez écouter en intégralité sur ce lien. Les news du

» RESIN TOMB (Death/Grind avec des membres de Siberian Hell Sounds, Descent et Snorlax, Australie) sortira son premier EP éponyme le 31 juillet via Brilliant Emperor Records. Un extrait est en ligne à cette adresse. Les news du

» SHE-RA (Heavy/Thrash, Angleterre) vient de sortir son nouvel EP EP II - This Time the Songs Are About Video Games. Disponible en intégralité sur Bandcamp. Les news du

» MORTYFEAR (Melodic Death/Thrash, Finlande) sortira son nouvel album Dystopia dans le courant de l'année sur Inverse Records. Un premier single, "Delete", est disponible ci-dessous.

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» ULVER (Synth Pop, Norvège) sortira son nouvel album intitulé Flowers Of Evil le 28 aoput via House Of Mythology Records. Retrouvez ci-dessous deux extraits. En parallèle, le groupe prépare la sortie d'un livre de 335 pages intitulé Wolves Evolve: The Ulver Story et retraçant les 27 ans de carrière du groupe. Les pré-commandes sont d'ores et déjà lancées ici.

01. One Last Dance
02. Russian Doll
03. Machine Guns And Peacock Feathers
04. Hour Of The Wolf
05. Apocalypse 1993
06. Little Boy
07. Nostalgia
08. A Thousand Cuts

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» Du mouvement chez HATE (Death Metal, Pologne) qui annonce l'arrivée d'un nouveau batteur en la personne de Daniel Rutkowski. Ce dernier remplace Paweł Jaroszewicz pour les raisons exprimées ci-dessous :

Paweł Jaroszewicz a écrit : "The last 2 years were pretty difficult for me because of a relentless work schedule in all the bands and projects I worked with, resulting in constant exhaustion and eventually health problems, mainly with my wrists from all the abuse and imperfect technique. Late last year, I started rebuilding my playing from scratch and also paying more attention to my health and work ethics. I chose to take a break from my usual work routine and use the time to get back on track in the future with a brand new approach. With this in mind, I decided it would interfere with Hate's activity, and the last thing I want are my personal issues to affect others' hard work. Therefore, I decided to let go and allow my good friend Daniel to step in and carry on the legacy. He's an amazing young drummer, and I'm sure you'll be amazed by what he will bring to the band's sound and performance. I would like to thank Hate for all the years we shared for better and worse. It was definitely an important part of my life, and I will always be thankful for this journey."

HATE a écrit : "We would like to wish Pavulon all the best in his projects to come and thank him for his contributions to the band.
With that said, we welcome the talented Daniel 'Nar-Sil' Rutkowski to the band. Nar-Sil has already sat behind the drums for Hate during the 'Europe Under Black Death Metal Tour Vol II' and worked with many big names in the Polish Metal scene such as Virgin Snatch, Neolith, Embrional, and Dira Mortis."

Daniel Rutkowski a écrit : "I'm super excited about joining Hate and the new material we are hard at work on! Things have been moving quickly, but the flow is excellent, and in time, I'm sure the fruit of our labour will be powerful and monstrous Extreme Metal. I'm looking forward to showcasing what we've been working on, and of course, seeing you all on the road!"

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» Quelques semaines après la sortie de son premier album sur Profound Lore Records, KRUELTY (Death Metal/Hardcore, Japon) revient aujourd'hui à la charge avec un nouveau EP intitulé Immortal Nightmare. Celui-ci compte deux anciens titres ré-enregistrés pour l'occasion ainsi qu'une reprise de Grave. Il est disponible en intégralité ci-dessous et sortira en CD le 5 juillet prochain via Dead Sky Recordings :

01. Narcolepsy
02. Desire
03. Into The Grave (Grave Cover)

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» POWER TRIP (Thrash / Crossover, USA) vient de sortir via la page Bandcamp de Dark Operative un album live intitulé Live in Seattle 05​.​28​.​2018. Ce dernier se découvre en intégralité ci-dessous :

01. Drown (Intro)
02. Divine Apprehension
03. Suffer No Fool
04. Sould Sacrifice
05. Executioner's Tax (Swing Of The Axe)
06. Crucifixation
07. Heretic's Fork
08. Conditioned To Death
09. Firing Squad
10. Manifest Decimation
11. Crossbreaker

POWER TRIP a écrit : "Live In Seattle 05.28.2018" was recorded at Neumos while Power Trip was on their extensive tour with Sheer Mag, Red Death, and Fury. It has since been mixed and mastered by the band’s front of house engineer, Zachary Rippy of Sound Signal Audio.

The band offers this release as a way of saying thank you to all supporters, friends, and allies over the years. All proceeds from the sale of this album on Bandcamp go toward offsetting the financial impact of the numerous Power Trip tours and live appearances cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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» C'est aujourd'hui que sort via 20 Buck Spin Records le nouvel album d'ULTHAR (, USA) intitulé Providence. Ce dernier est à découvrir en intégralité ci-dessous :

01. Churn
02. Undying Spear
03. Providence
04. Through Downward Dynasties
05. Cudgel
06. Furnace Hibernation
07. Narcissus Drowning
08. Humanoid Knot

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