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Les news du 2 Août 2022


Les news du 2 Août 2022
» CITY OF CATERPILLAR (Emo / Hardcore) sera de retour après vingt ans d'absence avec un nouvel album intitulé Mystic Sisters à paraître le 30 septembre prochain sur Relapse Records. En voici un premier extrait avec le clip de "Decider" :

01. Thought Drunk
02. Paranormaladies
03. Decider
04. Mystic Sisters
05. Manchester
06. Voiceless Prophets
07. In the Birth Of A Fawn
08. Ascension Theft… (Gnawing Of The Bottom-Feeders)

Relapse Records a écrit : CITY OF CATERPILLAR return with their first new album in 20 years, Mystic Sisters!

When guitarist/vocalist Brandon Evans, guitarist Jeff Kane, drummer Ryan Parrish and bassist/vocalist Kevin Longendyke unveiled their self-titled debut in 2002, their emotional, frenzied and often cinematic music was at the vanguard of the burgeoning screamo movement. Along with bands like Pg.99 (with whom they shared members), Majority Rule, Planes Mistaken For Stars and others, they helped develop a style of music that took hardcore into convulsive new territory.

After years spent living in other parts of the country and playing in other bands—including Darkest Hour, Malady and Ghastly City Sleep, the long awaited CITY OF CATERPILLAR reunion shows snowballed into writing sessions. The result - Mystic Sisters, an album that recaptures the magic of old while taking the band’s music into exciting new territory! The winding and atmospheric title track that embodies CITY OF CATERPILLAR's experimental side features some noise violin from Evans’ former Pg. 99 bandmate Johnny Ward, while tracks like "Decider" and "Paranormaladies" showcases the band's roots with a flurry of viceral, noisey hardcore swagger.

Tracked primarily at Montrose Recording in Richmond, Mystic Sisters was self-produced by the band and then mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Bosse-de-Nage).

Ultimately, CITY OF CATERPILLAR are more concerned with creating a mood than telling a story. “The band is always focused on mood,” Evans confirms. “To me, that’s the most important thing. I don’t really want people dissecting what we’re trying to say, because it’s not really about us. It never has been. What we cared about 20 years ago was innocent, raw emotion, and that’s what we care about now.”

» LIMINAL SHROUD (Black Metal, Canada) a dévoilé sur ce lien l'intégralité de son nouvel album All Virtues Ablaze prévu le 5 août sur Willowtip Records. Tracklist :

1. Hypoxic
2. Mists Along Florencia
3. Transmigration I: Pelagic Voids
4. Transmigration II: The Cleansing Ash

» EIHORT (Black Metal, Angleterre) offre son premier full-length Consuming the Light sorti fin juillet en écoute intégrale. Tracklist :

1. Through the Oil and Blood
2. Dead Cold Eyes Staring into the Darkness
3. Holy Venom on the Lips of the Whore
4. Transmutation of the Mind
5. Bloodcurdling Serenades
6. Oblivion
7. Blood Ritual (Samael cover)

» NECRAMBULANT (Brutal Slam Death, USA) a posté une "lyric video" pour le titre "Necromorphic Genesis of Celestial Horror" extrait de son nouvel EP A Feast of Festering Flesh qui sort le 9 septembre chez Gore House Productions. Tracklist :

1. Propensity for Cannibalistic Pleasure
2. Internal Necrotic Putrefaction
3. Necromorphic Genesis of Celestial Horror
4. Necro-Ambulatory Slamdemic
5. Messianic Despoiler
6. Sacramental Murderous Phantasm

» REINCARNATED (Death/Doom, Thaïlande) a dévoilé à cette adresse le morceau "Quasar God Oration" figurant sur son premier longue-durée Of Boötes Void Death Spell à paraître le 3 septembre via Inhuman Assault Productions. Tracklist :

1. Ophiuchus Crypt [7:28]
2. Quasar God Oration [7:04]
3. Proxima Hibernation [6:48]
4. Triumphant Dead Comet 4:55]
5. Tomb of Boötes Void [4:33]

» IMPACT APPROVED (Melodic Death Metal, Allemagne) a mis en ligne une vidéo live du titre "Golden Age" extrait de son premier long-format Into the Fray sorti sur Wormholedeath.

» HYPERDONTIA (Death Metal, Danemark) et SEPTAGE (Goregrind, Danemark) viennent de sortir un split cassette sur le label Desiccated Productions. Celui-ci est à découvrir en intégralité ci-dessous :

01. Season Of Rot (Hyperdontia)
02. Emetic Rites (Septage)
03. Başkasının Kusmuğu (Septage)


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