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Chroniques / Par chroniqueur / Mitch


Par chroniqueur :: Mitch151 Chronique(s)
21 Lucifers
In The Name Of...Grind/Death/Thrash2008 - Pulverised Records7.5/10-/106.67/10
All That Remains
OvercomeMetalcore2008 - Prosthetic Records5/106.25/106.92/10
The Fall Of IdealsMetalcore2006 - Prosthetic Records7/107.83/107.41/10
This Darkened HeartThrash mélodique2004 - Prosthetic Records7.5/108.5/106.86/10
Behind Silence And SolitudeSwedecore2002 - Prosthetic Records7/10-/106.94/10
The ReckoningDeath/Thrash mélodique2010 - Regain Records7/106.5/106.76/10
Arise And Ruin
The Final DawnThrashcore2007 - Victory Records7/10-/105.8/10
VisitantDeath mélodique technique2018 - Agonia Records6/106/107.03/10
UnwelcomeDeath mélodique technique2013 - Nuclear Blast Records6.5/106.7/106.68/10
United In RegretDeath mélodique technique2006 - Willowtip Records8/108.33/108/10
Austrian Death Machine
Total BrutalThrashcore2008 - Metal Blade Records7/108/107/10
By Night
A New Shape Of DesperationCyber Thrash/Hardcore2006 - Lifeforce Records7/107/106.55/10
Burn The FlagsDeath/Thrash/Hardcore2005 - Lifeforce Records6.5/107.5/107.01/10
Carnal Forge
Gun To Mouth SalvationDeath/Thrash mélodique2019 - ViciSolum Productions7/107.75/106.74/10
Testify For My VictimsDeath/Thrash mélodique2007 - Candlelight Records6/106.75/107.03/10
Aren't You Dead Yet ?Death/Thrash mélodique sous stéroïdes2004 - Century Media Records7/107/107.18/10
Doomsday RitualsDeath Metal2016 - Agonia Records3/104/106.51/10
Redeeming FilthDeath Metal 2014 - Agonia Records4.5/104.5/106.94/10
World DeclensionDeath/Thrash2005 - Regain Records7/106.75/107.65/10
DecadenceDeath/Thrash mélodique2004 - Candlelight Records7/107.5/107.62/10
Bloodhunt / Reborn Through Flames (Co...Death Metal2003 - Candlelight Records4/5-/5-/5
Diabolical DesolationDeath Metal2002 - Candlelight Records8/107/107.16/10
HellbrigadeDeath Metal2000 - Candlelight Records8.5/108/107.75/10
ReflectionsDeath/Black1997 - DieHard Music8/107.6/107.5/10
Malleus MaleficarumDeath Metal1996 - Candlelight Records6.5/10-/106.5/10
Subconscious LobotomyDeath Metal1992 - Memento Mori6/10-/105.5/10
SourceDeath/Thrash mélodique technique2008 - Drakkar Entertainment8/107.83/107.24/10
TerraphobicHeavy/Death/Thrash mélodique2009 - Bombworks Records7/10-/106.89/10
Darkest Hour
Godless Prophets & The Migrant FloraDeath/Thrash/Hardcore mélodique2017 - Southern Lord Recordings8/107.5/108.37/10
The Eternal ReturnDeath/Thrash/Hardcore mélodique2009 - Victory Records7/107.3/107.23/10
Deliver UsDeath/Thrash/Hardcore mélodique2007 - Victory Records6.5/107.67/107.4/10
Archives (Compil.)Swedecore et autres2006 - A-F Records-/5-/53/5
Undoing RuinDeath/Thrash/Hardcore mélodique2005 - Victory Records8/106.88/107.87/10
Hidden Hands Of A Sadist NationDeath/Thrash/Hardcore2003 - Victory Records8.5/108.06/107.8/10
So Sedated, So SecureDeath/Thrash/Hardcore2001 - Victory Records8/108.5/107.43/10
The Mark Of The JudasGothenburg Metal/Hardcore2000 - Join The Team Player Records7.5/106.5/107.5/10
Enter AnnihilationDeath/Thrash mélodique2008 - Massacre Records7.5/105/105.71/10
Dimension Zero
He Who Shall Not BleedDeath/Thrash mélodique2008 - Vic Records7.5/107/107.39/10
TraumaticonDeath mélodique1999 - Holy Records6.5/106.5/108.5/10
WasteworldSpeed/Death/Thrash mélodique technique2009 - Deepsend Records8/108/107.93/10
Fear My Thoughts
VulcanusDeath/Thrash mélodique moderne2007 - Century Media Records6.5/106.63/107.53/10
Hell Sweet HellDeath/Thrash mélodique moderne2005 - Lifeforce Records7/107.3/107.63/10
The Great CollapseMetalcore2004 - Lifeforce Records7.5/106.5/107.18/10
Gates Of Ishtar
At Dusk And ForeverDeath/Thrash mélodique1998 - Invasion Records8/108.25/107.24/10
The Dawn Of FlamesDeath mélodique1997 - Invasion Records9/108.8/107.33/10
A Bloodred PathDeath mélodique1996 - Spinefarm Records7/106.5/107.5/10
God Forbid
Gone ForeverThrash mélodique2004 - Century Media Records6.5/107.82/107.96/10
MurderlustThrash/Death2013 - Massacre Records5/104.83/106.92/10
The Great BludgeoningThrash/Death2011 - Napalm Records6/106/106.65/10
To The NinesDeath/Thrash2009 - Napalm Records6.5/107.7/106.65/10
Serpent Smiles And Killer EyesThrash New-School2007 - Steamhammer Records (SPV)6/106.33/107.29/10
The Killing EP (EP)Thrash New-School2005 - Steamhammer Records (SPV)3.75/5-/53.78/5
The Sickness WithinThrash New-School2005 - Steamhammer Records (SPV)7/107.95/107.92/10
Ballet Of The BruteDeath/Thrash2004 - Scarlet Records7.5/108/107.25/10
Something Old, Something New, Somethi...Death/Thrash2003 - Scarlet Records3.5/54/53.54/5
Bloodred HatredDeath/Thrash mélodique2002 - Scarlet Records7/108.67/107.99/10
HatesphereDeath/Thrash2001 - Scarlet Records8/10-/107.53/10
Hell Within
Shadows Of VanityThrash/Metalcore2007 - Lifeforce Records6.5/10-/106.16/10
Asylum Of The Human PredatorMetalcore2005 - Lifeforce Records6/103.25/106.68/10
Summon In ThunderHeavy/Thrashcore2007 - Century Media Records8.5/108.25/107.45/10
Hail HorrorHeavy/Thrashcore2006 - Prosthetic Records8/107/107.26/10
Courting Tragedy And DisasterHeavy/Thrash/Hardcore2003 - Join The Team Player Records8/107/106.73/10
Death DominationDeath/Thrash2009 - Metal Blade Records7.5/108/107.26/10
Holy Murder MasqueradeDeath/Thrash mélodique2007 - Metal Blade Records7.5/108.25/107.08/10
In Thy Dreams
Highest BeautyDeath/Thrash mélodique2001 - War Music7/10-/106.5/10
The Gate Of PleasureDeath/Thrash mélodique1999 - War Music7/10-/107.5/10
Stream Of Dispraised Souls (EP)Death mélodique1997 - Wrong Again Records3.5/5-/53.54/5
9th Order ExtinctDeath/Thrash2004 - Metal Blade Records8/108/107.23/10
Chaos CompleteDeath/Thrash2003 - Cold Records7.5/107/107.41/10
PaloPower/Death mélodique2018 - Spinefarm Records6.5/107/108.05/10
Seventh SwamphonySwamp Metal2013 - Spinefarm Records7.5/106.67/107.88/10
12 GaugeDeath/Speed/Thrash mélodique2010 - Spikefarm Records8/107.81/108.05/10
For The RevolutionDeath/Speed/Thrash mélodique2008 - Spikefarm Records7/107.42/107.29/10
The Black WaltzDeath/Thrash/Speed mélodique2006 - Spikefarm Records8/108.14/107.6/10
SwampsongDeath/Thrash/Black/Speed mélodique2003 - Spikefarm Records8.5/109.06/108.4/10
They Will ReturnDeath/Thrash/Black/Speed mélodique2002 - Spikefarm Records8/108.35/107.67/10
SwamplordDeath/Speed/Thrash mélodique2000 - Spikefarm Records8.5/107.94/107.8/10
To Have And To UnholdPower Thrash/Neo/Metalcore2006 - Silverdust Records5.5/10-/106.61/10
Lay Down Rotten
Gospel Of The WretchedDeath mélodique velu2009 - Metal Blade Records6.5/10-/107.61/10
EnemiesDeath mélodique next gen2009 - Listenable Records7/108/106.26/10
SpiteDeath/Thrash mélodique next gen2008 - Listenable Records7/106.75/106.34/10
Welcome The (MCD)Thrashcore2007 - Let It Burn2.75/5-/53.3/5
Tragedy Has SpokenDeath Metal2012 - Lifeforce Records7/10-/107.79/10
The Mirroring ShadowDeath Metal2009 - Lifeforce Records7.5/108/107.1/10
Your Demons - Their AngelsThrash/Death mélodique couillu2008 - Lifeforce Records8/107.83/107.27/10
Mors Principium Est
Embers Of A Dying WorldDeath/Thrash mélodique2017 - AFM Records6.5/106.9/108.16/10
Dawn Of The 5th EraDeath/Thrash mélodique2014 - AFM Records7.5/107.79/108.04/10
...and Death Said LiveDeath/Thrash mélodique2012 - AFM Records8/108.5/107.25/10
Liberation = TerminationDeath/Thrash mélodique moderne2007 - Listenable Records7/107.35/107.42/10
The UnbornDeath mélodique moderne2005 - Listenable Records8.5/108.42/108.06/10
CassiopeiaDeath mélodique mystique2013 - Metal Blade Records6/105.75/107.75/10
Astron Black And The Thirty TyrantsDark Metal2010 - Metal Blade Records7.5/106/107.3/10
Raise Hell
Holy TargetBlack/Death1998 - Nuclear Blast Records8/108/107.35/10
The Venomous Grand DesignThrash/Hardcore old school2007 - Victory Records8/108/106.89/10
Awakening Of The GodsDeath/Thrash2009 - Pulverised Records7.5/108/106.87/10
Saltrubbed EyesDeath/Thrash1993 - Black Mark Productions8.5/10-/108.22/10
Fornever Laid To RestDeath Metal1992 - Black Mark Productions8.5/108.63/107.76/10
Shadows Fall
Threads Of LifeThrash/Metalcore2007 - Roadrunner Records6.5/106.5/106.77/10
Fallout From The War (Compil.)Thrash/Metalcore2006 - Century Media Records3.75/54/53.58/5
The War WithinThrash/Metalcore2004 - Century Media Records7/106.79/108.4/10
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